Monthly Archives: November 2012

Remember John

I didn’t have to blow up balloons or put the birthday banners up during the night.  There were no presents waiting to be unwrapped.  There was no birthday cake sitting in the fridge.  Instead I lit a single white candle when I awoke to mark my husband’s birthday.  John used to love the surprises I arranged for him and I miss seeing that joyful look upon his face.  I miss the children and I singing Happy Birthday to him and I even miss clearing up all the mess created by the mounds of wrapping paper and bows.

Am I silly to remember this day?

Some think I am, and say that I should move on with my life, but these people have never been a wife.

What would they know about how me and our children feel?  At times to us it still feels unreal.

You see we never got to say goodbye and we all try so hard not to cry.

I really don’t care what people think or say because this will always be my John’s special day.

Happy Birthday John – Loving husband to Nicki and loving father to James and Phoenix.