Monthly Archives: March 2013

On The Move

In my last post I wrote a list of both my writing goals and my personal goals for the year ahead.  As an after thought, I added the possibility of moving and sorting out my transport situation, along with a few possible projects that involve others.  Guess what has taken over my life recently – MOVING HOUSE!!

Hopefully this is the most challenging target I have set myself for this year.  I made the decision shortly after writing my last post and I have still not finished emptying our old home.  Where did all these possessions come from?  I was trying to do the move in an organized fashion and not bring things to the new house that we no longer required.  If I continue with this approach, we will be lucky to have emptied the house by Christmas!  I need to get on with my writing in a more systematic way, so after Easter I will hire a van and just get everything brought to the new house, so that job is done.  Then, when I get the urge, I will work my way through it.  At least this was, I will be able to progress with my writing projects.

Our new home is lovely and has a warm feeling about it.  It is spacious and bright and fairly well designed.  It has various places to sit outside and sea views.  A writer could not ask for more.  I know I will write some amazing things here.

I have managed to look at and revise what I had already written for my NaNo and am determined to get back to writing it very soon.  I am aiming to finish it by June, because that is when my daughter, Phoenix, breaks up from school.  Spending quality time with family and friends has to be a priority.  During the summer vacation, I will follow my writing friend, Kevin Ashman’s, philosophy about earning the right to write.  It is easy to get lost in writing but family and friends should not suffer because of it.  Although I intend to write daily, even during the school holidays, I must ensure that my time with those closest to me is pure quality.  My family and I know only too well how life can change and be turned upside down in a second.

In my last post, I mentioned a couple of possible ghost writing projects.  Well, I am pleased to announce that I have started one of them.  Unfortunately, at the moment I am sworn to secrecy but it is very exciting and highly enjoyable.  This will be a long term project.  Currently, we are looking at the most important features of this person’s life and trying to record some of the most amusing events that have occurred.  Once this is done, we can fill in the gaps.

I have also started writing two songs, which I hope to conclude very soon.  One is a really happy and positive song and the other is a little more serious.  I look forward to sharing both of them with you.

Since my last post I have been very involved with helping others.  In Spain, due to changes in the law, many people have found themselves not being covered by the national heath system.  A very close friend of mine had some tests done late last year and then their health card was cancelled which meant they could not get the results.  After fighting the system and getting lawyers involved we finally received the results.  The news was not good and we still don’t understand why they couldn’t just give us the results.  Luckily, my friend is in a position to seek private medical care and I have found the best I can, but it shouldn’t be like this.  How many others have not been able to obtain vital results from tests that have already been carried out and how many people really can’t afford to pay for treatment?  I will continue this fight and hopefully be able to help more people that have found themselves in this tragic situation, through no fault of their own.

Due to the crisis, more and more people are finding it hard even to afford basics.  The supermarkets here have places where people can leave non-perishable food for those struggling.  When I saw them, it brought a tear to my eye and I trebled up on all the treats I was buying my family and brought some extra basics  and donated them.  I just wish I could do more.

Despite all the tragic experiences we as a family have encountered, I still feel really blessed.  After the school run in the morning, a friend I I go for a wonderful walk along the promenade.  Apart from helping me keep fit,  (which is one of my goals this year)  it is a wonderful way to start the day.  It gives me a chance to clear my head and get inspired.  My friend and I also have a laugh which is better than any medicine a doctor could prescribe.

Since it was Palm Sunday yesterday, we went to the church in Old Town for midday mass.  Obviously, this time of year is very important in Spain and there are processions and offerings in the churches every day.  It is a wonderful experience to get involved in the culture.  After mass we went for a lovely wander followed by lunch outside over looking the sea.  Needless to say, I did not think a full roast dinner was needed last night, so I must start preparing it soon or we won’t have it tonight either.  Meal times are quite an adventure in our home again since we never really know how many will be here.  Everyone seems to love our home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time stay happy, be positive and follow your dreams.