I have set up  ‘The Journey of Nicola’   for those interested in following my journey to becoming a full time writer and author.

I am using this site to to turn the pages of my life already read into happier chapters for years to come.

My husband, John, tragically died in an accident, just over a year ago.  Alone in Spain with two children, James and Phoenix, what started as a beautiful dream, emigrating to this wonderful country back in 2000, turned into my darkest nightmare, which I have to wake up from.

This last year has been, and still is, a financial and emotional roller coaster.  I am determined to turn our lives around and make a happy future for me and my children, here in Spain.  This country is home now.  James doesn’t really remember England and Phoenix has only been there once – we stayed at a hotel near Gatwick before flying on to the USA, to visit Disney World – so I don’t think that counts!  (That is the only time any of us have been back since our move).

Some months back, I re-started a writing course, after a long break, partly to help re-build my confidence, so you will be hearing about this along the way.  When I finally complete the course, I will have to throw a party, because as I said, I had a long break, but it is something I want to achieve.

The biggest challenge at the moment is NaNoWriMo 2012 – National Novel Writing Month – It starts on 1st of November.  For more details go to my NaNo 2012 and Beyond page.  I really can’t believe I have signed up for it, and when you look on the page, you may realise why!

I really want to write a crime/romance novel, but my other interests include writing a historical novel and spiritually based items, articles on self-development/self-help, short stories and childrens books to name but a few.  It may be diverse but I know that I have a lot to offer in various fields.

I am a firm believer that any challenges sent to you in life, however cruel, are sent for a reason, even though it can take time to see the reason or accept it.  If through my experiences I can help others, I will help make this world a richer place.

I am really excited about the Journey of Nicola and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

I hope the Journey of Nicola will help me achieve my goals,  inspire others in whichever paths they choose to follow and help others conquer the challenges they face.

  1. Great stuff, Nikki. You are certainly inspiring me to re-start my writing course! Sandra

  2. you can do it – I have every faith in you, Nicola. You are so much stronger than you think. You go Girl because I am right behind you!! 🙂 xx

  3. Hi Nicola, for reasons you know this touched me and I couldn’t respond on first reading. I thought I was alone. I won’t distract from nano but if ever you want a really empathetic chat re Bureaucracy over here and the financial trauma of loss of a loved one I’m your girl!

  4. Thinking of you, James and Phoenix, I hope you all grow stronger together. Good luck with all your projects, can’t wait to read some of them.

  5. I have been struggling so much with my turmoil of emotions as November progresses and draws menacingly closer to the dreaded 29th November.Then I’ve been through all the anniversaries and folk keep telling me “it will get easier”. I want to scream at them “How do they know that?” (but in a less polite tone). I have felt selfish and isolated and even persecuted that life has chucked at me grief upon grief upon grief. Then tonight I’m introduced to you and I’ve read all your writings and feel a calmness flow over me, especially your words above: “everything happens for a reason”. Likewise your msge to me on Fb reminding me that I am a Leo, I am a survivor and all through life I have sung that song, “I will survive!” Somehow through the mist of grief I grew weak and pitiful.
    Thank you . I do have a strong character. I have so much family still to live for – who still look to me as their mainstay. Entwined in all this I have two novels to complete, a short story to translate into other languages for Kindle production this Christmas, another author’s book to edit and the fourth book in my Chimona Chronicles series to complete before the year is out. The only reason the latter is not tied up is it was written at my husbands bedside, except the last 2 chapters. It has been too painful to lift it up but I have promised myself after his anniversary II will pen the closing pages.
    This ramble may seem all abut ‘me’, sorry, but it your writing and your story that has enlightened and encouraged me to take up my pen and carry on living!

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