Nicola Joanna Dunsford-Evans

Welcome followers. I thought you may want know a little about me.

Born in London but moved to Bournemouth when I was 10.

My favorite job was working for the Sunday Sport and later the whole group.  It was very exciting when the owner bought a football club.  I was fortunate to be involved in this project during the early days before giving up my career to have my son.

My children James  (1993)  and Phoenix  (2002)  are the most important part of my life and always come first.

Moved to the Costa Blanca, Spain in 2000.  Bought some furniture shops.  On our first day we didn’t know what the word ‘silla’  meant  (despite having hundreds around us!)  – Yes, I know now, it means chair.

Officially married my late husband, John, in 2001 in the Dominican Republic.  This was a truly magical experience.

In August 2011, we sadly lost John in a tragic accident.  Have spent the last year dealing with bureaucracy, attempting to pick up the pieces, keeping my children and I on track, re-building our lives and basically trying to survive.

We live with Lassie the Boxer, Tinkerbell the Lhasa Apso, Phoebee the tortoise and not forgetting Hammy the hamster.

I enjoy reading, writing, music, spirituality, EFT, positive mental attitude, meditation, yoga, Zumba fitness, horse riding, tennis, swimming, backgammon, travel, dining out and spending time with my real friends to name but a few.

I love Disney World, Florida, USA  (I have been 7 times!)  Don’t worry, James ad Phoenix have also been.

When we first emigrated, my first choice was to move to Mexico.  We have lots of happy memories of Mexico and we are due another visit soon!

Helping others is high on my list of priorities.

We love living in Spain and intend to stay here.

I am a firm believer that life is for living.

One of my ambitions is to get a novel published.

  1. Hi Nicola, found this and just wanted to say hello and send a bug hug xxx

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