NaNo 2012 & beyond

NaNoWriMo 2012

National Novel Writing Month 2012.  The challenge is to write 50,000 in the month of November.

Yes, I have entered!  Some think I am crazy, some say ‘no chance’ – But my friends and children, James and Phoenix are cheering me on.  I can hear my kids screaming my name –  ‘Go Mama, Go, Go, Go – You can do it’ – I can’t fail.

I am a member of a small writing group, specially set up for this event.  We are the team to watch and we are in serious training but having a lot of fun along the way.  We all have our own NaNo names – I am Tiger Eye 1 – and we all mean business.

A huge Good Luck to my fellow team mates – we can do it because we are THE NaNo  ‘A’  TEAM.


Well day 2 of NaNo and I am enjoying it.  I had hoped to post something yesterday, but after attending a Halloween party on Wednesday, followed by my son’s birthday yesterday, time escaped me.

Well the firing pistol fired and our bus started to roll.  Some started and finished their daily targets before others had even started  (I happened to be one of those who started later in the day!)  It did not deter me.  To reach the 50 thousand words, 1,667 words should be written each day, so I have set myself a personal target of 2ooo words a day.  Well today I am on 4050 words so I am one happy lady!

I am drifting off my plot a little – should I have planned more?  Well, it is too late now.  One of my characters seems to have her own thoughts of what she should do and how she should behave  in my novel.  Should I pull the reins back on her or let her run wild?  Only I can decide – if she’ll let me.

To all those in the NaNo  ‘A’  Team, keep those words flowing.

Until next time – I wish you all well.

  1. Good start, I will be following your progress

  2. Look forward to reading and hopefully being one of the first to review your finished copy. go girl go! You must be nearly there now. I’m rooting for you. Rosie Reay ..writing the night away.

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